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Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama

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Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama

Address Virbhadra Road, IDPL Colony,

Rishikesh, Uttarakhand 249203

Phone No. 0135 245 5091



He taught Patañjali’s Yoga-sūtras for the first time at the early age of 9.

Impressed by his extraordinary scholarship at the early age of 13-14, several prominent scholars published articles in praise of him and that started his career as a travelling lecturer. He was known for his competency to lecture instantly, without prior notice, on any mantra of the four Vedas. At that age, he lectured extensively in colleges and universities. In North India, thousands of people attended his lectures.

Since February, 1947, he has been travelling and promulgating  Yogic and Vedic knowledge in numerous countries.

He has access to 17 languages with varying degrees of fluency. He leads students into a meditative avenue in their own languages, such as Spanish, Italian, and French. He learned Italian in one night by fusing the language with the yoga-nidrā state. His expertise in philosophical and meditative traditions of the world enables him to instruct students in accordance with their own religio-philosophical background.

He guides yoga and meditation groups in 30 countries from all continents. It is not unusual for him to settle up to a hundred thousand meditators into meditation within a few minutes.

Scholars of yoga philosophy all over the world esteem his two-volume 1300 pages comprehensive commentary on the first two chapters of Patañjali’s Yoga-sūtras. Some scholars equate him with Vijñāna-bhikshu, a famous Vedantic-Yogi commentator on the Yoga-sūtras in the 16th century.

He acquired his academic degrees [B.A. (Honors) (London), M.A. (London), Dr.Litt. (Holland), F.R.A.S.] in merely two years (1965-1967). Never having been taught in formal schooling, his knowledge has come intuitively.He held the post of Sanskrit Professor at the University of Minnesota, USA, and in 1969, was awarded the Distinguished Teacher Award. As a research guide, he has guided many scholars in their research in numerous fields.  He serves now as Chancellor of HIHT University Dehradun, India.

Writing in both prose and poetry, he has 13 books and 30 booklets to his credit.  He has produced more than 3000 hours of audio recordings on all aspects of spiritual life and philosophy. In addition, various magazines have published articles written by him.

In 1969, he was initiated into the subtlest state of mediation by his teacher, Swami Rama of the Himalayas. That same year he founded The Meditation Center in Minneapolis

In late 1981, he was appointed as the head of the Swami Rama's Ashram, Sadhana Mandir, his guru’s seat, in Rishikesh, India. Since his master’s maha-samadhi in November 1996, he has continued to touch the hearts and minds of thousands of aspirants by leading them into deep meditation.

Before taking sannyas in 1992, Swami Veda Bharati was known as Pandit Usharbudh Arya.


In recent years he has been deeply involved in the study of the neurophysiology of meditative states in a number of highly recognized research laboratories in several continents. He has demonstrated his capability for changing brain wave patterns in various meditative states as well as the power of the mind over external matter, for example, through his concentration making a random numbers producing machine produce coherent numbers. Such experiments have taken place in laboratories such as those at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (founded by the astronaut Edgar Mitchel) in California and at Bremen University in Germany. In one experiment at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, he demonstrated deflecting photon beams in an interferometer (placed in a soundproof Faraday Chamber with a one foot thick steel wall between the machine and the experimenters) through the concentration of mind; the result obtained statistically showed a chance of one one billion one million to one.  See the publication Yogi in the Lab.  He also directs a small laboratory at Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama in Rishikesh, India, to study beneficial changes in brain wave patterns during various states of yoga meditation practices.


The Association of Himalayan Yoga Meditation Societies International (AHYMSIN) is a world-wide

affiliation of centers and initiates.  Mahamandaleshwara Swami Veda Bharati, a disciple of H. H. Sri Swami Rama, provided the impetus for founding AHYMSIN.  Initiates from around the world met at Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama in Rishikesh, India, in 2007 to officially form AHYMSIN.

Swami Veda Bharati served as Spiritual Guide of AHYMSIN from its inception until his Mahasamadhi on 14th July 2015.

Swami Veda wrote in his will that Swami Ritavan Bharati will hold the title of “Ashrama-pramukha” and shall hold the position of the head of Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama, and of a spiritual guide to all organisations and institutions in which he has held this position.

All Adhyatma Samiti members share the responsibilities and duties of spiritual guidance as per the intention of Swami Veda Bharati. The Adhyatma Samiti, or Spiritual Committee, is composed of the initiators and swamis, including Alexander Benjamin, Carolyn Hume, Helen Choe, Lalita Arya, Linda Billau, Swami Ma Radha Bharati, Michael Kissener, Pandit Hari Shankar Dabral, Rajah Indran, Raghavendra Adiga, Savitri Jugdeo, Shi Hong, Stephen (Stoma) Parker, Swami Prashant Bharati, Swami Ritavan Bharati, Swami Tat Sat Bharati, Wolfgang Bischoff, Yoong, Ma Sewa Bharati, Ma Turiya Bharati, Ma Richa Bharati, Ma Gita Bharati, Swami Uttamananda, and Swami Tattvananda.

Our purpose is to teach and make available the knowledge of yoga meditation within the Tradition of the Himalayan Masters, as interpreted by Swami Rama of the Himalayas. Activities include teaching the science of yoga, carrying out research and publication in the field of yoga and related branches of knowledge, and performing acts of charity for the benefit of humanity.


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