Sri Devpuriji Ashram

Sri Devpuriji Ashram

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Sri Devpuriji Ashram

Address Ridge Castle Apartments, 895 - C/2,

                              Devi Puriji Ashram Rd, Brijwasi Colony,

                              Mehrauli, New Delhi, Delhi 110016
Phone No. 011 2664 1770


The System “Yoga in Daily Life” - A Science of Body, Mind, Consciousness and Soul

To live in harmony with oneself and the environment is the wish of every human. However, in modern times greater physical and emotional demands are constantly placed upon many areas of life. The result: more and more people suffer from physical and mental tension such as stress, anxiety, insomnia, and there is an imbalance in physical activity and proper exercise. This is why methods and techniques for the attainment and improvement of health, as well as physical, mental and spiritual harmony, are of great importance, and it is exactly in this respect that “Yoga in Daily Life” comprehensively offers an aid to help one’s self.


Physical Health

The health of the body is of fundamental importance in life. As the Swiss-born Physician, Paracelsus, very correctly said: “Health isn't everything, but without health everything is nothing”. To preserve and restore health there are physical exercises (Asanas), breath exercises (Pranayama) and relaxation techniques.

Within “Yoga in Daily Life” the classic Asanas and Pranayamas are divided into an eight-level system, beginning with “Sarva Hita Asanas” (meaning, “Exercises that are good for everyone”). Seven other parts follow this preparatory level and lead progressively through the practice of Asanas and Pranayamas. Several special programs have been developed from the basic exercises: “Yoga for Back Pain”, “Yoga for Joints”, “Yoga for Seniors”, “Yoga for Managers” and “Yoga for Children”. To maintain good health, other valuable exercises within “Yoga in Daily Life” are the purification techniques of Hatha Yoga. These involve Deep Relaxation (Yoga Nidra), Concentration Exercises (e.g. Trataka) as well as Mudras and Bandhas (special Yoga techniques).


Four Paths of Yoga

Our own life experience reveals that people’s natures are varied, according to their predisposition, differing thoughts, feelings and goals. Corresponding to this variety in human nature, are four Yoga paths that take into account people’s inclinations.

Our Self (our Atma) arises from the Supreme Self (Paramatma). The nature of the Supreme Self is bliss (Ananda), and because our inner Self is part of the Supreme each human is striving for this in order to be happy. Everybody, whether they believe in God or not, whether they are conscious of it or not, is ultimately striving for happiness.

We cannot find true and lasting bliss (Ananda) in the outside world. It lies within our inner self. Real and lasting bliss may only be gained through wisdom, meditation and Divine grace, and will only be achieved by one who searches and strives with a sincere heart. God's grace is everywhere and is with us at all times, just as the sun always shines even though the sky may be covered by clouds. To realise God and to be conscious of His grace, we must drive away the clouds of ignorance from our consciousness.



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