Shree Dembla

Shree Dembla

Experience: 05 years
Specialist: Access Bars
Availability Tu 10:00 AM to Sun 6:00 PM
Location: rohini
  • Rs : 6000

Shree Dembla (born on February 19, 1983) is a Miracle Maker. Her words, her workshops, her write ups, and her touch everything about her will cause magic in your life. Shree is a Transformation Coach, Touch Healer, Certified Clinical Hypno-Therapist, Access Consciousness Bars & Body process Facilitator and Neuro-Linguistic Programmer by profession.

An inner calling to reach out and assist individuals and organizations realize their true potential and to add richness and value to their lives forced her to move to the field of training and healing in 2011 officially though she had been personally invited to many insurance and mutual fund offices to motivate the sales team because of her early success in that field, much before 2011. 

In 2012, Shree Dembla started her company – The Mind Collective with the objective of empowering masses to live a life free from the constraints of the past; to breathe blissfully in the present and to have a clear vision of the future they create.

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