Shantikunj Ashram

Shantikunj Ashram

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Address Shantikunj, Gayathri teerth,, Motichur, Haridwar, Uttarakhand 249411

Phone No. 01334 260 602

Gayatri Pariwar is a living model of a futuristic society, being guided by principles of human unity and equality.

It's a modern adoption of the age old wisdom of Vedic Rishis, who practiced and propagated the philosophy ofVasudhaiva Kutumbakam.


Founded by saint, reformer, writer, philosopher, spiritual guide and visionary Yug Rishi Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya this mission has emerged as a mass movement for Transformation of Era.


Aims & Objectives:

Rise of divinity in human, descent of heaven on earth

Individual Development, Family Development and Social Upliftment

Healthy body, pure mind and civilized society

Atmavat sarvabhooteshu (all living beings are soulkins), Vashudhaiv kutumbkam (Entire earth is the our family)

One Nation, One Language (love), One Religion (humanity), One Government (Self Govern)

Everyone should get equal opportunity for self-growth irrespective of caste, color or creed

All activities in the limitless expansion of the universe are said to have generated from a grand eternalYajna(Yagya). Atharva Veda (9.15.14) describes Yagya as: Ayam Yajna Vishvasya Bhuvanasya Nabheehiâimplying Yagya as the fundamental process of manifestation of nature. 

In physical terms, Yagya (homam, havan or agnihotra) is a process of herbal sacrifices in holy fire aimed at the finest utilization of the subtle properties of sacrificed matter with the help of the thermal energy of fire and the sound energy of the mantras. Modern scientific research has also shown significant therapeutic applications of Yagya and also affirmed its potential in purification of environment. 

Literally speaking, Yagya means - selfless sacrifice for noble purposes. Sacrificing ego, selfishness and material attachments and adopting rational thinking, humane compassion and dedicated creativity for the welfare of all - is indeed the best Yagya which should be performed by all human beings. The philosophy of Yagya teaches a way of living in the society in harmony, a living style to promote and protect higher humane values in the society - which is indeed the basis of the ideal human culture.

Spiritualists have indicated several ways of spiritual training. If they are seriously analysed it would appear that all symbolic worships are nothing but elementary exposition of self-refinement. The object behind all 'Yoga' and 'tap' (asceticism) is to enhance one's own worthiness and sharpness. Worthiness is a magnet which easily attracts useful elements and power. 

The basic purpose of spiritual training is enhancement of one's own worthiness. God does not need persuasion or appeasement. God is pleased and showers blessings on the basis of glory which emerges as a result of permeation of idealism in man's personality.

Founded on sound spiritual, philosophical and scientific foundation the principles of Indian culture set the basis of ultimate evolution of the conscious faculties of humanity. “Sa Prathama Sanskrati Vishvavara” – regarded as the first and the foremost culture in the world, it encompasses all possibilities of global welfare and righteous progress of the entire world – of all beings and everything existing on this earth.


The central theme behind the development of Indian culture as shaped by the revered rishis was – “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”, treating the entire world as our own family – reflecting universality of serene love, altruism, sharing of responsibilities and caring for all beings


At a superficial level, the two streams of knowledge, Science and Spirituality, both aimed at finding the ultimate truth, appear to be contradicting and nullifying each others principles.


Science, developed on perceivable evidence-driven reasoning and logic, advocated that the attainment of truth is possible only with the help of material based scientific investigations and developments. Spirituality recognizes that the means of attainment of this truth lies within in the form of immortal soul, which is the Conscious Self. In other words spirituality is the science of consciousness, involving mind, body and spirit relationship. A subject of divine faith and devotion, initially, it leads to realization of ultimate unity of all beings. 


If the true meaning of science is understood – as search of truth beyond any barriers of matter and visible world, there would be no difficulty in accepting the fact that spirituality also falls in its periphery which pertains to sublime domains of realizations.... This attitude widens the scope of knowledge and search of ultimate truth through perfect integration of modern sciences and the ancient science of spirituality and religion.


Mouth is described in the Âyurveda as the locus of the agni cakra – the subtle centre for the generation of metabolic powers and thermal energy. The group of energies required for various metabolic and physiological processing is described to have its field of action beginning from the mouth and spreading up to the stomach. The mechanical role of mouth and its energy (utilized in the process of chewing and gulping, for instance) in the digestive system is well known. More important is its role as linked with the vocal cord and hence with the functions of speaking and singing.... The power of speech is among the most significant gifts bestowed upon the human species. Its importance can be very well understood simply by realizing the limitations and disabilities of a dumb fellow.


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