Sapna Gautam

Sapna Gautam

Experience: 3 years
Specialist: Past Life Regression
  • Rs : 1500

A disciple of the great Osho, her first virtual master. Her mission since has been to bring health, peace, light and awareness to individuals for attaining balance and harmony between mind, body and soul through a holistic approach. Sapna has furthered her learning under many great gurus, some of them sadhus in the mighty Himalayas, with whose blessings she practises. A versatile person, she is skilled at many spiritual and scientific disciplines: Meditation is Sapna’s greatest strength. It is a discipline that has its origins thousands of years ago, and helps deal with the stress of modern day life, thus bringing inner peace. Sapna teaches over 200 techniques of meditation that include both tradition techniques and those she has invented. They have met with great success. Sapna’s many healing disciplines include the scientific principle of hypnotherapy. Through regression she helps deal with issues like physical disorders, phobias, job insecurities and more. It helps channelize positive energy. She has been a practitioner of hypnosis for the past one year. Crystal healing is another spiritual discipline at which she excels. She has done in depth study of crystals and their properties and how they bring about balance in one’s life and heal. Sapna is also a gifted Tarot card reader. She has been practising Tarot reading for the last 4 years. Tarot, she says, is an invaluable tool that helps understand the forces that work for and against us and helps one connect with a higher power. She feels that if a person attains clarity at the end of a session, and feels empowered to deal with life’s problems, the cards have done their work. 

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