RK Sharma

RK Sharma

Experience: 18 years years
Specialist: Reiki
Location: Munirka
  • Rs : 500

What is Reiki ?

The word "Reiki" is derived from Japanese language. It has two syllable "Rei" and " Ki". Rei means "Universal" and "Ki" means "Energy". Thus Reiki means "Universal Energy". Reiki is a science that enalbes a healer to receive univessal energy, transform into desirable from and transer to needy subject.

Reiki Power : Reiki Training, Treatment & Research Centre

Reiki Power is dedicated to give maximum happines to maximum people for Reiki Power logomaximum time.As we all know this life is not the bed of roses. Happiness and Sorrow, Sweet and Sour, Joy and Pain, Day and Night all are made for human. No one can change the nature. No one can take other's pain but we can try to reduce the suffering by various way. Reiki is one of them. Reiki is the easiet way to add smile on sad faces.

Reiki Training

Reiki is very easy to learn. Mainly Reiki needs two things. First concentrated your mind and second touch your body with your own hand. There are levels in Reiki which is given below :

Reiki First Degree
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Reiki Second Degree
Reiki Master Healer ( Reiki 3 A) 
Reiki Master Teacher ( Reiki 3 B) 
Reiki Grand Master

Reiki Healing

As we all know mind is the master controller of the whole body. Root cause of diseases lie in our mind. And what is disase ? Lack of energy or excess of energy means imbalance of energy is known as disease. Mainly there are two types of disease - Physical and Mental. Reiki helps to heal all disease.

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Chakras Healing 
Full Body Healing 
Distance Healing 
Relation Healing 
Addiction Healing

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