Crystal Healing Professional Course

Crystal Healing Professional Course

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Crystal Healing Professional Course

This level acts as an extension of the “Basics & Advance of crystal healing” course and is designed for those who wish to use crystal healing in a professional way.

  • How to sense chakras.
  • Chakra balance (client methods for recognizing unbalanced chakra energy as well as for proper treatment of these imbalances.
  • Crystal layouts for different chakras techniques for performing basic chakra crystal layouts for activation and balancing, (methods of customizing the basic chakra crystal techniques to the specific needs of your client)
  • Techniques for strengthening chakra energy utilizing crystals and crystal chakra visualization and meditation techniques
  • Exercises for protecting individual chakras
  • Aura scanning techniques, methods of clearing cords and connections from chakras, aura combining and cleansing, repairing energy leaks and blockages.
  • Shielding your aura from outside energies (including the protective cocoon techniques)
  • Methods of charging and maintain your aura with crystals.
  • Physical healing (Healing crystal layout)
  • Emotional healing (Healing crystal layout)
  • How to use a crystal pendulum and wands
  • Healing with crystal wand.
  • Methods of healing with crystal wands.
  • How to perform a crystal healing with crystal wands
  • How to perform crystal healing for another person.
  • Combining crystal healing with Vaastu/Feng Shui.
  • Basics of creating and using crystal grids (step-by-step instructions for creating custom crystal grids (for a wide variety of purposes such as love, grounding, connecting with guides, prosperity, protection, manifesting, spiritual ascension, meditation, healing etc.)

Certified Comprehensive CRYSTAL Healing Course

This course includes the following levels:

  • Professional Level
  • 13-14 Classes - 2-3 hours each class.
  • Course fee: INR 20000/-


Crystal Healing Manual and Pendulum will be provided to the students along with the course.

CERTIFICATION: A certificate is granted to those who successfully complete the course.

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