Green Jade Raw Crystal Rocks

Green Jade Raw Crystal Rocks

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Green Jade works with Heart Chakra . It helps in balancing yin-yang, male and female energy. Green Jade helps in resolving conflicts between couple or dysfunctional relationship. People call it Fidelity Stone. Green Jade boosts self-confidence and calms nervous system. Green Jade also helps the body to absorb nutrients. Green Jade helps clearing blockages helps with the circulatory system. Green Jade increases the flow of abundance if ones meditate with it. Green jade tumbles can be used in manifestation programs or grid. Green Jade brings wisdom into new situation and boost self- confidence.


Crystal: Green Jade

Chakra: Heart Chakra& Root Chakra

Astro Sign: Libra, Piscean and Taurus

Numerology: 5

Hardness: 6-6.5

Color: Green, Black, Cream & White

Mineral: Silicates

Physical Disorders :Arthritis, Acne, Blood related issues, Heart related issues

Emotional Disorder: Love, Abundance, Peace & Prosperity.

Affirmation:  I love & accept myself. I am fulfilled.

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