Crystal Raw Tumble

Amethyst Raw Tumble

Benefits of Amethyst Raw TumbleThis Tumbled Amethyst is available as both light and dark purple..

Rs : 395 Ex Tax: Rs : 395

Black Agate Raw Tumble

Benefits of Black agate Raw TumbleBlack Agate is a crystal for grounding and protection. These ..

Rs : 175 Ex Tax: Rs : 175

Black Obsidian Raw Tumble

Benefits of Black Obsidian Raw TumblesBlack Obsidian provides immediate connection from the Roo..

Rs : 330 Ex Tax: Rs : 330

Black Tourmuline Raw Tumble

Benefits of Black Tourmuline Raw TumbleBlack Tourmaline Tumble is an essential stone for everyo..

Rs : 490 Ex Tax: Rs : 490

Blood Stone Raw Tumble

Benefits of Blood Stone Raw TumbleBloodstone is a combination of Green Quartz and Red Jasper (s..

Rs : 335 Ex Tax: Rs : 335

Blue Aventurin Raw Tumble

Benefits of Blue Aventurin Raw TumbleBlue Aventurine is particularly stimulating to the Third E..

Rs : 270 Ex Tax: Rs : 270

Carnelian Raw Tumble

Benefits of Carnelian Raw TumbleCarnelian aids architects, builders and construction workers in..

Rs : 525 Ex Tax: Rs : 525

Crystal Quartz Raw Tumble

Benefits of Crystal Quartz Raw TumbleClear Quartz crystals mainly work for Crown chakra and for..

Rs : 395 Ex Tax: Rs : 395

Green Aventurin Raw Tumble

Benefits of Green Aventurin Raw TumbleGreen Aventurine works with Heart Chakra. It harmonize an..

Rs : 240 Ex Tax: Rs : 240

Green Jade Raw Tumble

Benefits of Green Jade Raw TumbleGreen Jade works with Heart Chakra . It helps in balancing yin..

Rs : 430 Ex Tax: Rs : 430

Hematite Raw Tumble

Benefits of Hematite Raw TumbleHematite helps to absorb negative energy and calms you in times ..

Rs : 365 Ex Tax: Rs : 365

Labrodite Raw Tumble

Benefits of Labrodite Raw TumbleLabradorite deflects unwanted energies from the aura and preven..

Rs : 395 Ex Tax: Rs : 395

Moon Stone Raw Tumble

Benefits of Moon Stone Raw TumbleMoonstone is associated with the Moon and thus is a wonderfull..

Rs : 335 Ex Tax: Rs : 335

Moss Agate Raw Tumble

Benefits of Moss Agate Raw TumbleAgate is a variety of Chalcedony, a mineral of the Quartz fami..

Rs : 335 Ex Tax: Rs : 335

Pyrite Raw Tumble

Benefits of Pyrite Raw TumblePyrite helps blocking energy leaks and repairs aura. Using pyrite ..

Rs : 525 Ex Tax: Rs : 525

Rainbow Moon stone White Raw Tumble

Benefits of Rainbow Moon stone White Raw TumbleThese "Extra" grade Tumbled Rainbow Moonstone ha..

Rs : 490 Ex Tax: Rs : 490

Red Jasper Raw Tumble

Benefits of Red Jasper Raw TumbleRed Jasper can be used to balance the Root Chakra. It is consi..

Rs : 175 Ex Tax: Rs : 175

Rose Quartz Raw Tumble

Benefits of Rose Quartz Raw TumbleThis "Extra" grade Tumbled Rose Quartz from South Africa is v..

Rs : 335 Ex Tax: Rs : 335

Ruby Fucite Raw Tumble

Benefits of Ruby Fucite Raw TumbleThis beautiful Tumbled Ruby in Fuchsite has natural red Ruby ..

Rs : 365 Ex Tax: Rs : 365

Smokey Quartz Raw Tumble

Benefits of Smokey Quartz Raw TumbleThis is all natural Tumbled Smokey Quartz from Africa that ..

Rs : 430 Ex Tax: Rs : 430
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