Crystal Quartz Raw Tumble

Crystal Quartz Raw Tumble

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Benefits of Crystal Quartz Raw Tumble

Clear Quartz crystals mainly work for Crown chakra and for Third Eye Chakras, It aids in meditation and generates smooth and positive vibrations or just about anything. One can add these clear quartz tumbles into their medicine bags to amplify effect of it. It is called the “Stone of Power” & “Master Healer Stone” it amplifies and strengthens the energy and intention. It has extremely high vibration and is king of the minerals it has the ability to work in all the conditions. It helps to attune to one’s higher self. It is fathom that crystal quartz can protect against all kind of negativity and relieve pain. Once these crystal quartz are programmed they have the tendency and capacity to hold the program for long period compare to other minerals. One can wear crystal beads to have clarity of thoughts. Many people like to wear Clear Quartz to assist a connection with higher realms or with the higher self or simple meditation.

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