Crystal Raw Rock

Ruby Fuchsite Raw Crystal

Benefits of Ruby Fuchsite Raw CrystalThis beautiful Tumbled Ruby in Fuchsite has natural red R..

Rs : 280 Ex Tax: Rs : 280

Selenite Raw Crystal

Benefits of Selenite Raw CrystalSelenite "Hand Polished" (Madagascar) - These are gorgeous..

Rs : 410 Ex Tax: Rs : 410

Smokey Quartz Raw Crystal Rocks

Benefits of Smokey Quartz Raw Crystal RocksThis is all natural Tumbled Smokey Quartz from Afri..

Rs : 280 Ex Tax: Rs : 280

Snowflake Obsidian Raw Crystal Rocks

Benefits of Snowflake Obsidian Raw Crystal Rocks ..

Rs : 280 Ex Tax: Rs : 280

Sodalite Raw Crystal Rocks

Benefits of Sodalite Raw Crystal RocksThese South African Tumbled Sodalite stones are dark blu..

Rs : 410 Ex Tax: Rs : 410

Tigers eye Raw Crystal Rocks

Benefits of Tigers eye Raw Crystal RocksTiger Eye enhances psychic abilities and balances the ..

Rs : 345 Ex Tax: Rs : 345

Tourmaline Raw Crystal Rocks

Benefits of Tourmaline Raw Crystal RocksBlack Tourmaline is one of the most popular stone, The..

Rs : 185 Ex Tax: Rs : 185

Tree Agate Raw Crystal Rocks

Benefits of Tree Agate Raw Crystal RocksTree Agate is sometimes called Dendritic Agate as it ha..

Rs : 155 Ex Tax: Rs : 155

Yellow Aventurin Raw Crystal Rocks

Benefits of Yellow Aventurin Raw Crystal RocksAventurine is a variety of Quartz characterized b..

Rs : 220 Ex Tax: Rs : 220

Sun Stone Raw Crystal Rocks

Benefits of Sun Stone Raw Crystal RocksThis bright Sunstone from India is a gem variety of Fel..

Rs : 315 Ex Tax: Rs : 315
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