Crystal Healing Advanced Course

Crystal Healing Advanced Course

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  • Rs : 20000

Crystal Healing Advanced Course

Designed to help you have a deeper understanding of the value of crystals and their therapeutic qualities, personal awareness and connections with crystals. 

  • An introduction to grounding and centering using crystals.
  • Developing hand sensitivity with crystals
  • Chakra reading
  • A brief introduction to chakra/color/crystal correspondences.
  • Crystal grids for protection of your body and workspace (from negativity as well as from electromagnetic pollution)
  • Physical healing (techniques to treat various ailments like sleep disorders, coldand flu symptoms, menopause, stress and anxiety)
  • Emotional healing (techniques to treat anger and depression, methods fpr emotional grounding and releasing suppressed emotions etc.)


Certified Comprehensive CRYSTAL Healing Course

This course includes the following levels:

  • Advanced Level
  • 12 Classes - 2-3 hours each class.
  • Course fee: INR 20000/-

Crystal Healing Manual and Pendulum will be provided to the students along with the course.

CERTIFICATION: A certificate is granted to those who successfully complete the course.

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