Tarot Reading Advanced Course

Tarot Reading Advanced Course

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  • Rs : 13000

Tarot Reading Advanced Course

Depth analysis of the various symbolisms of Astrology, Colors, & Numerology. Guided meditations are given to initiate you in your deeper spiritual journey.

  • Your meanings & exercises with the Major & Minor Arcana (during the reading)
  • Creating and working with tarot spreads.
  • Basic meditation with tarot cards.
  • Understand & interpreting various combinations of Major Arcana (during the reading).
  • Practical exercises of tarot interpretations incorporating the new sights.
  • Colors associated in tarot
  • Numerology associated with the Major arcana.
  • Astrology associated with Major arcana.
  • Healing crystals in connection with the Major Arcana.

Certified Comprehensive Tarot Course

This course includes the following levels:

  • Advanced Level
  • 10 Classes - 2-3 hours each class.
  • Course fee: INR 13000/-

A set of 78 Tarot Card Deck, Tarot Manual Angel Cards will be provided to the students along with the course.

After the completion of all these levels, you would be able to identify yourself professionally with the Tarot deck and understanding about the cards, it will help you to initiate your journey into the wonderful world of tarot and mysticism.


CERTIFICATION: A certificate is granted to those who successfully complete the course

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