Tourmaline Raw Crystal Rocks

Tourmaline Raw Crystal Rocks

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Benefits of Tourmaline Raw Crystal Rocks

Black Tourmaline is one of the most popular stone, These black babies are favorite of almost all the crystal-healers. They are perfect for the medicine bags;It’s ideal to keep a small tumble in your medicine bags.

Black Tourmalinesare highly used for cleansing and balancing the aura. One can use Black Tourmaline tumbles or stones to promote positive outlook, despite any situations. Many healers use Black Tourmaline to work with the purifying energies of both physical and emotional healing purposes.

Black Tourmaline works with the Root Chakra, it helps to ground energy and promote vitality & energy. Black Tourmalines are highly protective stones that can prevent all types of electromagnetic pollution and negativity.

You can carry Black Tourmaline tumbles in your pocket it strengthens one's fortitude against a extremely negative environment, such as what can commonly be found in the workplace. One can use black tourmaline to protect against stress and to minimize compulsive, obsessive thoughts. Black tourmaline can help one to remain detached and neutral, and better able to make wise decisions even amidst complicated and confusing situations.

Crystal:  Black Tourmaline

Chakra:  Root

Astro Sign:  Capricorn

Numerology: 3 & 4

Hardness: 7-7.5

Color: Black

Mineral: Silicates

Physical Disorders : Chemotherapy, Physical Protection, Arthritis, Dyslexia

Emotional Disorder:  Anxiety, Fear, Neativity

Affirmation: I am deeply rooted with mother earth and protected on all the levels.

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