Carnelian Pencil Cap Pendent

Carnelian Pencil Cap Pendent

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Carnelian Crystal is mainly used for sacral chakra. It is useful in making decisions and focused on the here and now mental attitude on based on the past experience.  Carnelian crystals bring movement in ones life. They help you calm down the anger energy and ground you in reality. It brings joys and pleasure in ones life. It helps you prevent from accidents, theft, fire and storm damages. It helps in increasing determination power and taking initiatives.

Carnelian Crystals help in increasing blood circulation, Aids in male potency, lessens liver, spleen, bladder and kidney issues.  Women who are suffering from PMS and Menstrual cycle related issues could charge water with carnelian crystal and drink it. Carnelian Crystals helps in reducing & eliminating sexual anxieties. Carnelians are very powerful Sacral Chakra Crystals. It gives you courage, positive emotional boost, compassion, self-love and aids in meditation.

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