Black Obsidian Spheres & Balls

Black Obsidian Spheres & Balls

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Black Obsidian provides immediate connection from the Root Chakra into the center of the Earth. This crystal helps in grounding and centering. Black Obsidian is natural volcanic glass. They are formed from the molten Lava, which cools very quickly.

Black Obsidian helps in keeping the space protected.
Black Obsidian is used for healing and releasing energy blockages and past life’s issues.

Black Obsidian helps in cleaning and removing negative energies from the house, self or from the environment. It also supports in releasing negative emotions & reactions. Black Obsidians are very useful in removing negative energy such as anger, jealousy, greed, resentment and depression.

One can keep Black Obsidian in a home, office, or sacred space to eliminate any unwanted energies and keep the area free from negativity.  Wearing or carrying Black Obsidian aids in dissolving negativity from the physical, mental, emotional, spirit bodies and from Aura.

Crystal: Black Obsidian

Chakra: Root (Muladhar Chakra)

Astro Sign: Sagittarius & Scorpion

Numerology: No. 1

Hardness: 5-5.5

Color: Black

Mineral: Mineraloids

Physical Disorders : Bones, Joints, Protections, Blood Circulation, Physical Pains & Aches and Detox

Emotional Disorder: Grounding, Tension, Past life’s issues, Blockages

Affirmation:I gently release negative energy within and around me. I am deeply rooted and protected by divine powers.

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