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In 1977, a large Shiva-temple ‘Arbuda-Vishwanatha-Mahadeva’ was consecrated in the premises. Not only is the installed Lingam with a proportionate Pithika one of the largest observed, its shikhara is also in the form of Lingam complete with a Pithika.

In 1977, a large Shiva-temple ‘Arbuda-Vishwanatha-Mahadeva’ was consecrated in the premises. Not only is the installed Lingam with a proportionate Pithika one of the largest observed, its shikhara is also in the form of Lingam complete with a Pithika.

Swami Maheshanand Giri Ji Maharaj had read about a Shiva-Temple in the Puranas that the Shivalinga in it was such that it wore the skin of a tiger and could be seen even without entering the temple. Since then he decided to build such a temple. On finding such a stone, it was available in a mine near Phalna (Rajasthan). Its size also, was so big that a very huge Linga-Jalahari could be made which would be visible from a long distance. Swamiji decided to build the dome of the temple in the shape of “Linga-Jalahari”, so that looking at the temple dome would also mean seeing Lord Shiva. A devotion hall (Lecture Hall) was also built alongside the temple. Outside walls of the temple were decorated with“Chheetar” stone from Jodhpur. The construction of the temple dome started only after the stone for the Linga reached the place of Garbhagraha (room in a temple containing an idol) as, it is believed that Linga should not enter the temple from the door.


Nearly 85 years ago, Swami Ji was born in a Brahmin family in Jodhpur state. After studying Vedas, Karmakand (process of conducting ceremonies), astrology etc. at home and formally learning about grammar, vocabulary, logic, Meemanasa (laws of interpretation) etc., & modern education. This led him to visit Western countries where he acquired the deep knowledge of Science & Philosophy. After returning to India, Swami ji renounced worldly life, even while in the first stage of life, and traveled around the whole of India & Kailasha Mansarovar many times, during which he remained in the close proximity of self-realized souls like Maharshi Raman, Sri Chandrashekhar Bharati (Sringeri Shankaracharya). During this period he gained the inside experience of Ramakrishna Mission, performed penance in Uttarkashi, Lohaghat, Kashmir etc. Swamiji took the order of monkhood from the Mahamandaleshwar of Dakshinamurty Math, Acharya of Niranjini Akhara, Sri Swami Nrisimha Giri Ji Maharaj from whom he systematically studied the trilogy of Gita, Upanishad & Brahmasutra and promulgated it in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh etc. In the year 1957 Swami Ji was appointed as the Acharya Mahamandaleshwar.

He reorganized and strengthened the Sanskrit Mahavidyalayas (colleges) in Delhi & Varanasi. He also established a Math (Monastery) along with a huge Shiva-Temple of an unprecedented style in Mount Abu. Swamiji preached the eternal truth revealed by the Vedas in various cities across India like Kolkata, Kanpur, Delhi, etc.

Many of his lectures have been published as books. Apart from these he also wrote some books. For the sound publication of books written by Sri Shankaracharya and their elucidations, Swami ji has set up an organization that has been publishing books. Under Swamiji’s guidance, the celebrations of the 12th century of Sri Shankaracharya were accomplished by the Sannyasins. Incessantly devoted to Vedanta and preaching the same, Swamiji achieved videh-kaivalya (left his mortal frame) on 16th October 2008. Even a respectful pranam (bow) for such a divine personage is also an act of indefinite punya (purification achieved by virtuous deeds).

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