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Shree Bindu Sewa Sansthan Ashram

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Shree Bindu Sewa Sansthan Ashram


Sant Bindu Ji Marg (Parikrama Marg),

Ram Nagar, Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh 281121

Contact No. 099977 10000

Contact Person Yashendu Goswami

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What is Tantra?

Tantra is a Sanskrit word, a combination of the two words “tan” and “tra”. Tan is an abbreviation of the word 'tanoti' which means to extend. Tra is an abbreviation of the word 'trayati' which means liberation. A translation of these words together would be 'Extend your consciousness to be liberated'.

Tantra is a technique to reach this liberation, a liberation of the illusion of this material world in which ego and attachment rule. It helps you to get free from the boundaries that ego and attachment give you.



Prem Meditation is a spiritual path, an easy practice which guides you to rekindle an all encompassing love in you, love which we have repressed, stifled and smothered under our self-centred, materialistic ambitions.

Prem, the word literally translates to love, the virtuous trusting feeling of a baby towards its mother and the mother's selfless and devotional love given reciprocally to her child. This unconditional love, a gift from God needs to be resurrected to unchain the true freedom. But how do we do this? This is achieved by a simple practice of meditation.


Meditation and its benefits

The Sanskrit word Dhyana, or 'thought' is the right word for meditation. Yes, 'thought' or the ability to think has brought us scientific marvels, and also the agents of devastation and uncountable misery to mankind. If such is the power of thought, the power of Dhyana, then let us think of love, let us meditate on love. Let us perform Prem Dhyana and imagine the power love shall bestow on you. Yashendu says that only love has the power to waft away all your problems as love is supreme. He has researched, thought about and meditated on love to evolve a simple practice which will bring down all the walls that you have inadvertently created around you and open your heart to lead a fuller life, a life of love, a life of creativity, a life you always longed for.

Prem Meditation, an Awakening, A Way of Life

Yashendu Goswami conducts this practice with the recitation of Sanskrit Mantras. When you open your heart chakra you can receive the power of love. This meditation practice progressively brings you closer to yourself, to love, and imparts meaning to your life.

The Prem Meditation is the Step to Love. Yes you have to decide to take that step to a life of love. It will bring a grace, an adornment, a love colour into your life. Which will make you ready to banish all the negative energies, thoughts and emotions as the all-encompassing love, the raison d'être of mankind is taking root in your heart. The religion of love, yes, mankind has only one religion and that is the religion of love. All religions of the world teach you to love, it will initiate you into this all-embracing religion.

The slow awakening of love will bring a love aura to you, empowering you to love away all your worries, yes love them away. As you continue practising this meditation you will experience an awakening, a new way of life, a life of love and a spiritual path of love.

A Comprehensive Collection of Yoga Poses

With this collection we want to give all our visitors a resource of yoga postures with which they can start or intensify their yoga practice. Additionally participants of Yashendu's Yoga Workshops can have a look again at what they have learned. 

You will find detailed descriptions of yoga asanas, pictures of yoga poses performed by Yashendu Goswami and even video clips to help you learn the postures.

We want to give you a wide choice of yoga asanas of different levels. You will find basic and advanced yoga poses and poses with different variations so that beginners, intermediate practitioners and experts likewise can benefit from our collection.

Of course, if you are a yoga teacher or long-time practitioner and would like to hear and learn more about the poses described here, we want to invite you to join a Yoga Training for Teachers in India.
If you would like to combine Yoga with Ayurveda and relax body, mind and soul on a retreat in India, you can come for an Ayurveda Yoga Holiday to our Ashram 



It is very difficult to establish the exact time period of Ayurveda. However, the origin of Ayurveda as an oral tradition is taken to be circa 6000 BC. The history of Ayurveda is closely interwoven with the history and culture of the Indian Sub-continent. Ayurveda has accepted the Vedic hypothesis that there are common principles underlying Microcosm (individual) and Macrocosm (universe). Man and the universe are composed of the same basic elements.

The six philosophies that are at the heart of Ayurveda are called Shad Darshanas. The creators of these philosophies were enlightened scientists or rishis who had great insight or inner vision and enjoyed observing nature for its underlying patterns. All these philosophies have contributed to the teaching and practice of Ayurveda.

Ayurveda emphasizes preventative and healing therapies along with various methods of purification and rejuvenation. Ayurveda is not just a system of medicine, it is more than a mere healing system; it is a science of health promotion designed to increase our well being and happiness in all aspects and an art of appropriate living that helps to achieve longevity. It shows us how to live in such a way as to arrive at optimum health and maximum utilisation of our faculties. Maintenance of a healthy lifestyle by one’s own right action is called “swasthavritta”, which literally means “the lifestyle of abiding in one’s own nature.” A lifestyle (regime) that is balanced with a person’s constitution type will allow them to enjoy freshness and vitality everyday. It can guide every individual in the proper choice of diet, living habits and exercise to restore balance in the body, mind and consciousness, thus preventing disease from gaining a foothold in the system.


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