Prem Niketan Ashram

Prem Niketan Ashram

Facilities in the Ashram Spiritual Practice
Year of Establishment

Prem Niketan Ashram

Address NH11, Durgapura, Jaipur,

              Rajasthan 302018.

Contact +(91)-141-2550744, 2173796

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About Us

Miracle happens when the “Art of Living” taught by Swami Sharnanand is followed by the Society. Our Mission is “Building Beautiful Society”.

All as it is, except replacing ‘To develop the Joy of Giving is a big thing in itself and all arrangement is done by Society’ with ‘Thus goodness is embodied in the human heart & just needs to be stoked with ethical practice; And to inculcate the Joy of Giving in society is a massive step-forward in itself & the rest follows.’

We are registered under the Society’s Act, FY 1953-54, and are compliant with all the related regulations. Thus, all Donations are entitled to tax-exemption under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act. Our active engagement continues in Food Services, Animal Care, Environmental Care, Senior Citizen Housing Services, Financially underprivileged Kids Education, Medical Services primarily in Thalassemia & Surgeries.

Saadhak Ashram & Yoga Center

He devotees who live by the ideology of Manav Sewa sangh, reside here. Devout Individuals who post retirement, chose to live here and to progress towards Spiritual life. Joyous Satsang is organized daily in morning & evening, with everyone’s participation.

Dairy House for Cows

In Indian society, Cows have immense importance and with the blessings of Swami ji, Ashram’s dairy House has 15 cows, few young calves and a bull. Milk of these cows are used at PNHC, Shubh Shanti Niwaas and Saadhak Aashram and fed organic fodder.

Geriatric Centre

It houses 25 financially deprived Elderlies, whose diseases are incurable. These patients are served by our skilled & compassionate volunteers.  This hospital has all the facilities and operates on No Loss No profit. This hospital has General Physicians, Orthopedicians and Child Specialists. Operations of 30 Children has been done for free and now the Hospital has International Affiliation. The hospital charges no money at all from the patients.

Prem Niketan Hospital Centre (PNHC)

PNHC organizes Eye Camp on 10th of every month. Lens transplantation for 70-80 people is done, with their free facilitation of boarding & lodging, the medicines, Spectacles.

Organizes regular free surgery camps for the patients of Uterus ailments, Appendix, etc operated F.O.C. Recently surgeries of 4 patients with serious medical complications were successfully done & their cost of 2 lakh was borne by Ashram.

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