Jaigurudev Ashram

Jaigurudev Ashram

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Jaigurudev Ashram

Address Madhavpuri, Mathura, Uttar Pradesh 281001

Phone No. 087566 52491

Param Sant Baba Jaigurudev ji Maharaj who is popularly known as Baba Jaigurudev ji Maharaj was born in a small village in Uttar Pradesh. His father was a talented person as well as land lord. When he was a child he lost his parents. At the time of death his mother asked him to search out and realize God.

At the age of seven years baba Jaigurudev left his house. Remembering the words of his mother Baba ji visited temples, mosques and churches and did what their heads told him. Time passed and in young age Baba ji met a perfect spiritual master Pandit Ghurelal ji sharma of Brahman family in Chirauli village of Aligarh district. After being initiated by his guru (master) Baba ji started meditation in right earnest,. Taking one time meal he spent more than twelve hours a day in meditation.

Baba ji within a short period realized GOD. After getting perfection he started preaching from Varanasi in the year 1952. In the beginning there were five disciples but now the number in is billions. In his spiritual preachings baba ji says that this human body is a rented house. Once the leased period is over this body have to be vacated. Relatives, friends, land, property would be left here and the soul would be dealt with according to our good or bad actions.

At present JAIGURUDEV is the name of GOD. This is only name which would liberate the soul from the clutches of the negative power ( Kal & Maya). The soul resides in between our eyebrows of the body. Its power has spread from head to toe and makes it work.
The soul has an eye, an ear and a nostril but all these are closed at present due to past good or bad deeds. Through meditation and mercy of the Master these can be removed. After that the soul can see the divine light and also hear the spiritual sound and music. After coming in contact with the sound (WORD or Naam) the soul can see the various spiritual creations and reach its real home SATLOK. In the words of GURU NANAKDEO it is SACHKH. And which is the real home of all the souls which are imprisoned at present in the bodies of animals, birds and other creatures.

Baba Jaigurudeo ji is constructing a temple of white marble on the national highway in Mathura in the memory of his MASTER. The temple has been named as ‘NAM YOG SADHANA MANDIR’ meaning ‘DIVINE SOUND CONTACT MEDITATION temple. For the temple there is no donation from anybody and no entrance fee. There is no demand and if any person wants to donate, the condition is that he/she should be vegetarian. The temple belongs to the entire human race irrespective of their caste and creed. This is true representation of the entire humanity.

Jaigurudev is the name of GOD. This is the only name at present which would liberate the soul from the rotation of birth and death. This name shall soon spread not only throughout INDIA but it shall take over the entire world. This name shall bring about friendship and affection throughout the human community and shall join them all in the main stream of the realization of GOD. The spiritual upliftment shall change the entire world.

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