Himalayan Yog Ashram

Himalayan Yog Ashram

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Year of Establishment

Himalayan Yog Ashram

Address Village Tapovan, Near Water Tank,

Uttarakhand 249192

Phone No. 0135 244 2450

Yoga Sadhana
Although different saints and Yogi’s crossed his path during his childhood, in high school and at university, the real turning point towards a holistic yogic life took place in his early twenties. While he was building up his music business Ram realized that his ‘modern life ambitions’ were not giving him the quality of life he was looking for. Peace and satisfaction were missing. This turned him back to his traditional roots. A long period of intense yoga sadhana and self-study followed.

His Mentor
Swami Hanuman Giri (Guruji) is Ram's spiritual father. A great Indian Saddhu who is guiding Ram on his spiritual path. Guruji performed his sadhana back in the forest and high Himalaya for over 35 years. He was and still is completely focused on the science of Self Realization. His presence is a tremendous blessing.

About the 200hr. Yoga teacher training 
In collaboration with our Traditional Masters we have designed a program that counts in total 3 levels to educate motivated spiritual seekers into Yoga Masters.

What you will learn
The content is alive knowledge passed on by our Masters. These traditional teachings form the base for all paths of yoga Raja Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Bhakti Yoga & Kundalini Yoga.

This training is an in depth study program to:

Gain basic & in depth knowledge about the Royal Path of Yoga;

Learn how to balance Yourself with Yoga Asanas, Pranayama, Meditation techniques and Yogic food;

Develop authentic connection with your True nature;

Become an excellent Yoga Teacher based on inner experiences and profound knowledge.

Every level is a 1 month training and gradually you grow from student to Yoga Master. The first level is accessible for all students and with passing that you can start teaching Yoga. After that we take examination for the next level. To continue to a next level a gap of 1 year minimum is needed to integrate the level before.

Study Program:

Asana, Mudra, Bandha, Satkarma. Students will learn 84 asanas (and 18 asanas in dept), 8 pranayamas, the main bandhas, yogiccleansings techniques
(Satkarmas)and yoga relaxation techniques like yoga nidra.

Meditation, different techniques of meditation will be experienced and learned. During the course meditation practice will be there for 1 hour daily. Teaching Methodology. All 84 asanas will be studied, the basic steps of building up the asana, physical and energetic alignment, the limitations and benefits of each asana on physical, mental and spiritual level.  20 asanas will be studied in dept, the meaning of each asana, it’s history and purpose. Yoga Philosophy Behind the Yoga practice an incredible knowledge is present, passed through the Himalayan Masters on to their disciples. In Yoga Philosophy these teachings will be studied. Anatomy & Physiology of body, mind and soul sound Therapy (Chanting). Participants learn to develop devotion and Bhakti Yoga. How to design a practice and class. Communication techniques, time management, priorities and boundaries. Teaching practicum. Demonstrating asanas, designing class with feedback from the trainers and your peers Q&A and life stories of Yogis. Daily time for question and answers, for sharing about most existential life questions, like what is the main purpose of life, the ego, karma, what does transformation mean, how to come to inner peace etc.. Also life stories of the great Yogis will be shared.

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