Angel Therapy Professional Course

Angel Therapy Professional Course

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Angel Therapy Professional Course

  • Shielding
  • Aura cleansing
  • Energy clearing
  • Detecting of chakra balance/Unbalance for clients
  • Chakra/color/crystal correspondences
  • Properties of crystals associated with archangels
  • Choosing of healing crystals for physical & emotional healing
  • Healing crystals layout for emotional & physical pain
  • Cleansing & programming of crystals
  • Chakra balancing through crystal layout
  • Crystal chakra visualization & meditation techniques
  • Chakra, color & archangels
  • Preparing angelic session
  • Self-healing
  • Healing others
  • Distant healing
  • Opening third eye chakra
  • Powerful healing techniques with archangels
  • Conducting angel card reading for others


Certified Comprehensive Angel Healing Course

 This course includes the following levels:

  • Professional Level
  • 11 Classes - 2-3 hours each class.
  • Course fee: INR 11000/-


An Angel Reading Manual & Angel Cards will be provided to the students along with the course.

CERTIFICATION: A certificate is granted to those who successfully complete the course.

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